Decorate Your Home With Stained Glass Feathers

Decorate Your Home With Stained Glass Feathers

Stained glass feathers are hanging ornaments artfully crafted out of colorful glass. Most people prefer to hang stained glass feathers near windows so that they may serve as suncatchers. Many cultures around the world consider feathers to be powerful symbols of freedom, vitality, and wisdom. In many Native American cultures, each feather has a profound special significance. Stained glass feathers are unique decorations that can brighten up your home and add pleasing warm energy. These colorful glass suncatchers blend seamlessly with many different interior design themes. Every home can benefit from a little extra color and light.

Stained glass feathers come in a variety of colors and sizes. You may choose the bright red plumage of a cardinal, or the pleasing cool blue of a blue jay. If you’re willing to opt for a larger feather, the iridescent hues of a peacock may illuminate your home. One of the most popular designs is a multi-colored stained glass feather, similar to a Tiffany lamp. You can always opt to customize your feathers, and choose colors and designs that have special meaning to you. Stained glass feathers are an excellent way to add some stunning glass decor to your home without spending a small fortune. One of the great advantages of stained glass feathers is that they will not degrade over time as natural feathers do, so they can become treasured family heirlooms which are passed down through multiple generations.

The art of stained glass dates back over a thousand years. In the 4th century, the Romans began crafting ornate multicolored glassware. In Medieval Europe, artisans began to create beautiful windows which depicted saints and biblical figures.

Stained glass has remained a popular artistic medium through the ages. Each stained glass feather is handcrafted using techniques which have been refined through centuries of artistic expression.

If your kitchen, front room, or screened porch needs an artful splash of color, a stained glass feather or two may be exactly what your space needs. Stained glass feathers pair beautifully with plants, other stained glass suncatchers, and small sculptures. Stained glass feathers can serve as a subtle accent, or a stunning centerpiece that can tie a room together.

If you’re a collector, consider a beautiful array of stained glass feathers as the foundation for a diverse collection. There are countless colors and designs to choose from. Arranging your stained glass feathers in an artful pattern can create a lovely focal point in any space. Stained glass feathers are the decoration for you if you’re searching for something hand crafted, affordable, and pleasing to the eye. Infuse your home with the storied history and vibrant color of stained glass, while also invoking the inspiring symbolism of feathers by adding some stained glass suncatchers to your favorite room. Hanging stained glass feathers from your bedroom window is a sure way to induce sweet dreams. Hanging stained glass feathers in your front room welcomes visitors. The design possibilities are limitless with such a beautiful and meaningful decoration.