Drugs for erection

Drugs for erection

An andrologist usually prescribes erection pills just before intercourse, between 30 minutes and 1 hour before planned sex. In some cases, the drugs are prescribed regularly before each intercourse, sometimes andrologists recommend taking them only when, in the opinion of the patient, there is the greatest chance of failure. These drugs have differences that are useful to know. Drugs in this group act selectively in the vascular tissue of the penis and are virtually harmless. They do not cause persistent adverse effects with a long and regular use. Any addiction to erection pills doesn’t develop except purely psychological dependence. 

Once you have tried an erection pill and felt a significant improvement in quality, feeling the renewed sensuality, a man sometimes doesn’t want to give up the drug. If you want to forget about erection problems, you should buy Avana 50 mg.

What are the side effects and contraindications? What are the known drug interactions?

The frequency of side effects depends on the dose of the drug and individual sensitivity. It also depends on eating the day before using erectile dysfunction pills. On a full stomach, the frequency of side effects, as well as the effectiveness of the drugs, is lower.

Absolute contraindication to taking erection pills is their intolerance (allergy) and the simultaneous reception of organic nitrates. Taking erectile dysfunction pills and organic nitrates at the same time can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure. Also, any andrologist will warn you that it is highly undesirable and potentially dangerous to use erection pills in patients with the following diagnoses:

  • Coronary heart disease with frequent bouts of back pain.
  • Congestive heart failure and a significant decrease in blood pressure.
  • Significant decrease in cardiac output.
  • Complex drug therapy of hypertension.

What is the effectiveness of erectile dysfunction pills and is it possible to get rid of ED completely with their help?

The effectiveness of vasoactive drugs for different forms of ED ranges from 60 to 85% according to various clinical studies. The pills are designed to be taken before each sexual intercourse, i.e. when you take the pill, your erection improves, without the pill your erection will be the same as it was last time before you started treatment. In recent years there have been reports that regular daily intake of relatively small doses of erection pills for at least 12 weeks – has a definite curing effect, i.e. improving the quality of one’s own natural erections. To enhance the effect they are used together with male sex hormones, injections of vasodilators into the penis, and operations to restrict venous outflow from the penis.

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