Xoros (pronounced choros) is an ancient Greek word. It is found in such modern words as chorus and choreography. While the modern Greek word means space (volume, area) the ancient includes concepts such as movement and spirit.

I am English by birth but I have lived in both Greece and Belgium since finishing university. I spent a total of one year in Greece and I have also spent more than two years living in the Flemish north of Belgium, and will return there sometime in the next few years. I am a qualified architect in both Belgium and Britain, which I still find strange to say, and a martial artist. My other main interests include music, football, languages ( I speak Greek and Flemish as well as my native English) and finally graphic design and art.

I am currently working in the south of England for a practice mainly dealing with housing, social housing, office and hotel developments where I am a junior architect.

This blog is intended to be a space I can write about architecture and my main interests. I may occasionally digress of course but it will on the whole stick to all topics architectural, my martial art, the trials and tribulations of being a football fan and the odd discussion of music, films or books if I feel up to it. Please feel free to add comments to any post that catches your attention, if you like what you read then let me know!