How to Create and Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

How to Create and Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of the endless love of a man and a woman that will last forever. It is not for nothing that they are round, endless. They have no beginning and no end. Did you know that the tradition of exchanging wedding rings has pagan roots? Archaeologists find evidence of young people exchanging rings back in ancient Egyptian times. Back then, they were woven from reeds. But the first metal rings began to be made in Ancient Rome. At that time they were simple, smooth, and made of expensive metal. Even back then, they were a symbol of the unbreakability of marriage. In the late Middle Ages in Italy wedding bands began to be decorated with precious stones and engraved ornate designs and inscriptions.

Modern newlyweds more and more often choose unusual rings with individual design. It’s problematic to find such models in stores. Yes, let’s be honest, and the price on them bite. And young people are already in the prewedding period incurring large financial costs. Is it already seeming almost impossible to buy custom engagement rings inexpensively? We want to offer you a solution. In case you want to buy individual engagement rings instead of regular engagement rings, you can find lease-to-own engagement rings. After all, the ring is a symbol of the family. You put it once on each other’s fingers and never take it off. Specialized companies, such as Luxury Diamonds, are willing to make inexpensive engagement rings individually for you.

What is a custom engagement ring?

  1. First of all, you have to like the ring. After all, you will wear it all your life without taking it off. That’s why specialists can offer you a custom design that you can choose with your partner.
  2. Second, it should be comfortable. The ring should be so comfortable that you do not feel it on your ring finger. It should be comfortable to do everyday work with. And that is why it should be tailored to your individual parameters.
  3. Thirdly, an individual and unique design. You can choose the number of stones in the wedding ring or their absence. You can also find engravings and other elements of the ring jewelry.

If all of the proposed seems unbelievable to you or too expensive, we hasten to change your mind. Custom engagement rings can be inexpensive. Do you believe it? Specialized companies are ready to prove the opposite. You can find several options for cooperation on the web. After all, you can get custom engagement rings and not really hit your wedding budget.

  • Usually, companies make custom engagement rings within a month. The payment is made in two installments. First, you make an advance payment at the time of ordering, and when you pick up the rings, you pay the rest of the amount. This is a standard procedure. But you can also count on an installment contract. If time allows, of course. You can split the payment into three or four months and pay a smaller amount every month.
  • You can also save a lot of money by bringing your own gold. If you have old or broken gold jewelry that no one in the family wears anymore, and you are willing to trade it in, some companies can pick it up and give you a discount. Plus, you can choose any color of engagement ring to order without being tied to the shade you have.
  • And finally, a third, economical tip from us. If you are planning your wedding in advance, try to order your wedding rings not during the height of the wedding season. It is during the off-season that there are always maximum discounts and great deals. So you can buy sterling silver engagement rings for women or other types of rings at a great price.

Now you know how you can make custom engagement rings without spending a lot of money. Now we will tell you about several types of textures to make it easier for you to choose engagement rings vancouver. If you want to consider different options, you should visit the website of Luxury Diamonds.

4 types of matte textures on engagement rings

  1. Longitudinal. It looks modern and is suitable for simple geometric shapes. Reminds of a plowed band on the border – any scratches on it are noticeable, which doesn’t prevent it from being the most popular option.
  2. Transverse. Even more capricious in service, and very rare, as very few people know how to make it, but it is very beautiful – it creates an unusual effect, resembling shimmering stones, like a cat’s or a tiger’s eye. 
  3. Chaotic. It creates a three-dimensional composition. Suitable for polyhedral rings. Practical – because of the randomness of the application and the fine pattern, future scratches will not be very noticeable.
  4. ICE. It reminds the fresh ice on which the figure skater was released for 5 minutes. Most practical. All the hard work that goes into the rings, all the beatings and blows of family life, will lay into the overall pattern, complementing it. The rings will always look good.