Loft wall stickers: Style Guide

Loft wall stickers: Style Guide

Specially sloppy, rough, brutal – loft style in recent years has won the hearts of designers and owners of city apartments. Unusual art objects, graffiti and wall paintings are the bright companions of this style, which emphasizes the pristine look of brick and concrete walls. They become a bright spot that attracts the eye and turns a room with unplastered walls into a conceptual space. If you are not willing to spend a fortune to invite a famous graffiti artist to decorate the walls in your loft, take a look at the interior stickers. And we’ll tell you how to choose loft-style wall stickers and not to miss.

The spirit of freedom

A loft is a space for free flight of thought. Spacious rooms with high ceilings are filled with light and the number of walls is kept to a minimum. Therefore, the theme of space (real and fantastic) as no other relevant in an apartment in the loft style. It is organically combined with supporting metal structures, radiators, stairs, ducts and furniture made of metal, which are exhibited in the “attic” style, emphasizing the authenticity of the premises that once were factory workshops. It is also possible to use large basketball wall decals printing.

A world without borders

Travel is a source of eclecticism and bohemia in loft interiors. Furniture, souvenirs and accessories brought from all over the world, as well as vintage items, are combined here with high-tech gadgets and home appliances, emphasizing each other’s value. The “Map of the World” sticker reveals the ambitious plans of the owners of an office or a loft-style home. Where are you going next time? How wide is the geography of your clientele? 

In direct text

A man who lives in the free space of industrial style is a creator and an experimenter. He does not hide his beliefs, as the finishing of his home does not hide wires, pipes and supporting structures. Freedom of expression is spilled out on the walls of the living room in clear, even letters. The text sticker reveals the main principles of the owner’s life, leaving guests to reflect, be inspired, argue or resent. 


Where but in the loft you can see huge decorative structures, unexpected interior objects and street art objects? Look: as if in a mockery of the ancient European tradition to exhibit hunting trophies from the wall looks at us a flat polygonal deer head, and in the kitchen in the loft style stickers are mockingly copy the real lamps on long hangers.

Unprocessed, rough concrete floors and bare brick walls in modern lofts look like this only at first sight. Residential safety standards require finishers to carefully sand the concrete, varnish the allegedly cladding wood, primer the plaster and plaster, and perform sandblasting of bricks. Therefore, the stickers will stick well on most surfaces used in loft interiors, even if at first glance they look short-lived:

  • on sand concrete,
  • lacquered wood,
  • smooth brick,
  • covered with primer cork, plaster and plaster,
  • glass,
  • plastic,
  • metals.

Living in the city and spending a third of our lives among the walls at work, we naturally aspire to nature and try to create around us, even a little wildlife. The image of wood can be placed in almost any room – it will look beautiful everywhere. One of the most beloved trees is the tree of happiness. Stickers with trees are very different: from unusual plants with twigs of twigs to perfectly drawn branches, as in a real willow.

Separately, we would like to mention the stickers with fabulous trees, which can be used to decorate the nursery. After all, kids live in their magical world and parents in every way trying to create it. Loving parents can find stickers in the form of trees with bears, owls and other fairytale characters.