MD 5 Integrity Control in online casinos

MD 5 Integrity Control in online casinos

If you want to find a reliable casino, you should always use specialized resources where descriptions of proven sites are available. For example, you can use this site But you can find information online about other pointers to the reliability of the casino. Let’s take a look at the MD5 integrity control that is offered by some casinos. 

What is MD5

MD5 is a 128-bit encryption algorithm based on a cryptographic hash function. We will not saturate the text with words that for many will remain incomprehensible. Let’s describe how the method works: the outcome of the game is written to a special file before the bet is made, encrypted and sent to the player. After the bet has been made and the round is played, the player is given a hash function, with the help of which he can see that the result was laid in advance and no one has tampered with it. 

We can only add that back in 2008, some programmers found collisions, causing doubts about the reliability of the algorithm. Since then more than 10 years have passed and IT technology has not stood still, evolving several times faster than some other industries. MD5 itself appeared in the beginning of the 90’s and was noticed by the cunning unscrupulous owners of Internet gambling clubs as a way to calm down the visitor and give him the opportunity to “check” the reliability of the game results.

But the main doubt is not even that. Let in MD5 and reliable encryption, which would not allow the interference of hackers. Nothing prevents the player to check the files, the result of which is already laid underestimated the percentage of payoff. Thus, the question arises, “What are we actually checking?” The fact that there is a certain sequence of some results in the combinations of the slot, but as far as it corresponds to the true RTP can not be found out. This requires testing a significant period – more than 100, 1000 and even 100,000 spins – and other methods available for equipment in special testing labs. 

Even if the player will stock up on energy and start spinning the whole period for which the RTP and no one else will play the slot, the average gambler simply does not have enough money for such a test, and only one slot machine. And it’s certainly not realistic to analyze all the casino games for fairness. That is why special companies do it. The bottom line is one thought – MD5 fairness control is used to avert the eyes of fraudulent casinos.

Casting the casino blacklist you will find dozens of varieties of casinos and gambling sites that treat their visitors unscrupulously, namely, cheating by providing fake software and do not withdraw winnings, if by any mistake of the admin player went into the black and decided to stop.  In no case do not play in any of the institutions blacklisted! But, for the sake of curiosity, you can see if they offer MD5 integrity control. 

Using specialized sites, you can find a casino with additional eCogra certificate and here it’s worth noting that this is a very decent indicator of software honesty, because testing is carried out by an independent British organization. There are other casinos, but the presence of complaints makes you doubt their honesty. Moreover, the software may be original in the institution, but they do not like to pay out winnings. You can read about it on the casino complaints page. 

There are a lot of sites with fake ratings, which is somewhat upsetting, because it misleads many new gambling consumers, throwing them right into the clutches of crooks. Such a player will doubt the existence of really reliable resources for a long time in the future, until he himself has studied stacks of explaining aspects of gambling information. If you are looking for the most reliable casino, you should use