Why is growth hormone so expensive?

Why is growth hormone so expensive?

Around the end of the 80s, into the world of professional iron sports, i.e. everyone’s favorite bodybuilding, a new drug has come – growth hormone. Since then, there have been significant changes in the size of the performing athletes. It’s no secret that in modern high-level competitive bodybuilding , steroid drugs cannot be avoided. But a slightly different story with growth hormone. Not everyone can afford it, because it is very expensive. If there were enough funds, or it would cost a little less, then, I think, the majority would prefer only GR, given the fact that it is legal.    

Although the International Olympic Committee has banned the use of this drug by athletes, its demand has not diminished in any way. Initially, like most drugs, growth hormone was used exclusively for medical purposes, but rather quickly, growth hormone began to be used in sports, and not only in bodybuilding. All information on the site: https://theroids.ws/

So what exactly is this growth hormone ? It is a peptide hormone of the anterior pituitary gland, which is used by athletes to increase muscle mass and give the body a relief.

Despite the fact that growth hormone was banned by the Olympic Committee back in 1989, today it is used very often. Growth hormone is primarily used in bodybuilding along with other anabolic drugs to build muscle and reduce body fat. Growth hormone is also used to reduce the frequency of injury , as it has the ability to strengthen bone and connective tissue. In other sports, growth hormone is hardly used, since its intake is not advisable. Despite the fact that growth hormone increases muscle volumes, this is not reflected in strength indicators, that is, they do not increase, which means that there is no need to use growth hormone in strength sports. Studies have also shown that taking growth hormone does not lead to an increase in other athletic indicators – endurance or performance, so growth hormone only makes sense in bodybuilding.

Growth hormone is taken in bodybuilding with the aim of increasing the definition. Growth hormone has obvious advantages – high efficiency, low chance of side effects, no effect on sexual function, does not require post-cycle therapy. After four weeks of taking growth hormone, the total weight of the athlete increases slightly (2-4 kg), and in some cases it may even decrease due to large losses of fat mass. 

The main disadvantage of growth hormone is the very high cost of the drug and the high risk of buying a fake.

Why is growth hormone so expensive?

Everything is very simple. High demand for this drug. It is used almost everywhere. They are injected to the stars of show business to make them look younger and more beautiful, they are injected to old people for rejuvenation, because with age, the secretion of this hormone decreases, it is used by athletes, especially often in bodybuilding. In general, the product is in great demand. But there is another reason – the production process is very complicated.

“If growth hormone is so expensive, why not buy a regular course of steroids?” – you ask. And I will answer you. If the GR did not do its “job” the way it can, namely fantastic, then it would not be bought and used in such a large amount.

  1. GH increases the number of muscle cells. Due to this, the effect of the course of GH does not “go away” after its completion, unlike the course of steroids.
  2. What is practically unrealistic with natural training is possible with growth hormone, namely a decrease in the percentage of subcutaneous fat and an increase in muscle mass. It should be noted that growth hormone is not recommended for athletes who need to maximize the following qualities: endurance and performance, because studies have shown that it lowers the threshold of fatigue.
  3. Growth hormone in bodybuilding does not cause such side effects as from a course of steroids. Also, the course of GH does not require PCT ( post-cycle therapy). Moreover, GH can help you get rid of the “sores” caused by certain injuries. It is able to restore bone and connective tissue.

As we said, the secretion of growth hormone in the human body decreases with age. The production of GH is minimal in the elderly, while the standard level is maximal in childhood. During the day, the release of growth hormone occurs intermittently, there are several peaks in GH levels every 3-5 hours. Usually, the greatest secretion of growth hormone occurs at night when we sleep, about an hour after falling asleep. More details on the link: https://theroids.ws/teratropin-hgh-teragon-labs/

Is it possible to increase the secretion of growth hormone? Yes, you can. There are several ways, both pharmacological and natural.