Writing on this blog has taken a back seat this week to my latest website design project. For my football blog, I really wanted to have it look like a magazine rather than a standard blog. Having, to a certain extent, mastered the technical aspect of CSS and HTML design this was to be a new challenge in which I created a look for the pages and then set out to achieve it, rather than considering both together. Key to this was realising that I could use the view page source function of my browser to make a static html page to play with on my test server.

Creating images was the easy bit as it turned out. Once I had a design it took me most of my spare time this week to realise it as a working page. This was particularly the case as I was determined that it would all correctly validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict and I am really rather pleased that I achieved that. I had hoped to validate the CSS style sheet but unfortunately I was stumped by the old “no background given” problem I always get when I want an element to have a transparent background.

All in all though I am really pleased with the theme. I think it achieves what I set out to and at the same time I do think it has a unique qaulity without looking too blog like. You can see it here. Any feedback is very welcome!

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