As much as I am loving the World Cup, fatigue is starting to set in. The games have been coming thick and fast and so far I have managed to watch, or listen to, almost all of them – obviously with the final group stage games occuring simultaneously it would be rather tricky to listen to all the games!

The trouble with this overdose of football is that it leaves very little time for anything else. Days fly by in a routine of work, food, football, sleep and not much else. It can’t go on! Luckily it doesn’t and I am beginning to look forward to the 28th as a football free day!

Until then though I will continue my efforts not to miss a match. I really am enjoying this World Cup. I am not sure whether it is because I have been watching more and being more interested in football over the last few years but I think this is an excellent World Cup. For enjoyment it so far ranks with Italia 90 – the first one I can really remember. It has had some great games of football – last night’s match between Croatia and Australia was just superb – drama and the obligatory dull as ditchwater games as well. There have been a few upsets and suprises too, France’s continuing stage fright is fascinating for all the wrong reasons! I think the most exciting thing is how open the competition seems. It is so hard to pick the winner still. Even though Argentina are being touted as the favourites their game against Holland showed that they can be held back – they like every other team in with a shout look beatable – no one is playing consistently well yet.

So for a while longer I’ll put my life on hold and keep watching, listening, eating, breathing and sleeping the World Cup. Imagine how exhausting it would be if we actually had to play the thing!

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