Glassware in home decoration

Glassware in home decoration

The history of working with glass goes back over five millennia. Scientists archaeologists still can not determine what point on the map to consider the homeland of glass. Products made of this material, dated approximately one time, found on excavations of ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Mediterranean settlements. Glass is a very plastic and malleable material, of course, under certain conditions: its melting point is from 300 to 2500 degrees. 

Ancient masters have mastered the art of transforming glass into both utilitarian objects and real masterpieces designed to decorate our lives. To obtain colored glass in the molten mass introduced certain components – metal oxides. As a result, we can admire glass products of all colors of the rainbow, and interior designers willingly use them to decorate rooms.

Glass decoration in history

Dinnerware and decorative objects made of glass accompanied the life of people at all times, but for a very long time they were considered an accessory of the nobility and were inaccessible to commoners. It is clear – the production of such items until the XV century. in Europe was not of a mass character, masters-glass blowers treacherously kept the secrets of manufacturing even simple bottles, not to mention fine dishes, vases and other items.  Products of Venetian masters were especially appreciated.

The technology of beauty

Today, every lover of beauty can decorate their home with exclusive glass decor items from the collections of the world’s most famous brands. With them you can create your own unique world, your own small universe at home. After all, everything that surrounds us, invariably affects us, creates our mood and reflects our individuality. That’s why it’s so important to define each purchased thing its place in the house, so that the familiar and even a little tired interior of the apartment came alive and flirted with new colors.

Glass objects in the living room are the hallmark of your home. Perhaps the main room in the house is the living room. And any owner wants to make it beautiful and cozy, so that everyone who crosses the threshold of this room, lit up in the eyes of a light of admiration. At first glance, it does not seem easy to achieve this. However, a few simple tips will make it possible to cope with this task without much effort.

Whatever the style of the living room, you can pick up the appropriate decorative objects that will harmoniously fit into a given tone and emphasize thoughtfulness of the interior.

Floor vases made of glass can even a simple view of the room turn into a very stylish interior. In this case it is not necessary to use vases of the same type and size, the main thing is that they are combined with each other and with other objects in the room. You can arrange them in one row, and distribute them on different sides of the center of the living room. It is not worth experimenting with contrasts: vases are quite large objects, and too bright and colorful their colors can bring dissonance in the general symphony of the interior. You can find interesting glassware on this website

On the coffee table is a cozy decorative colored glass bowl. It will not only decorate this corner of the room, but can also play the role of a color accent in the interior. In this case, the bright color of the bowl will be appropriate and desirable. And if you succeed in matching it with candlesticks or photo frames and place them on the opposite side of the room – the effect will be stunning!

Original and very stylish look in the living room glass vessels for decoration, exhibited on a shelf or chest of drawers. Ultra-modern or “under the old days”, they attract the eye, create an atmosphere of mystery. Such vessels are in perfect harmony with wall decor – colored panels, watches and other decorations.