Which grill to choose?

Which grill to choose?

Grilled dishes are an essential attribute of the summer season. Without a fragrant kebab or grilled fish, it’s hard to imagine a modern picnic. BBQ lovers can easily buy the necessary equipment and there are a lot of offers for today. The only thing left to do is to make the right choice, giving preference to the grill, which will make cooking as comfortable as possible, and the dishes – delicious. The essence of grilling is to fry without dishes, on a metal grill. This method is ideal for country rest. Cooking on the grill is easy and convenient, dishes can be more diverse, and their taste will certainly please you.

Grill types: how to choose the best one? 

When choosing a grill, follow these general principles. Give preference to the grill with the highest power, this will allow you to quickly fry the meat, leaving it juicy. The spherical and egg-shaped shape of the closed grill also reduces cooking time, creating the effect of cooking in a pan with a lid. It is best to choose cast iron grids that are not subject to deformation and that maintain a uniform temperature over the entire area. The grill must be stable, so the cast iron grill should not be used on uneven surfaces. Then focus on the dimensions you need, ease of transport and fuel. The warranty from a reputable manufacturer is usually at least 10 years, the ceramic grill can be guaranteed for life. You can also see the weber spirit e310 vs genesis e310 overview to better understand this direction.

And finally, it is extremely important to choose the right type of grill. For today allocate a huge number of versions of this truly useful device – gas, coal, wood and electric grills, grill pans, stationary and portable grills, open and closed type. About the nuances of the choice of each of these grills we will talk in this article.

The best gas grills

  • Cooking for gas is fast, convenient and environmentally friendly. This applies to both conventional stoves and grills. 
  • Gas grills can be used for cooking up to 50 portions. Grills for 12-15 portions are the most popular for family use. 
  • The gas grill is spherical or rectangular in shape. 
  • The gas grill can be mobile (on wheels) or stationary. There are models of built-in kitchen grills. This option is suitable for use in the kitchen. 
  • The heat distribution in the chamber depends on the design of the burner. In modern models, the heat is distributed evenly, which extends the service life. In gas grills it is difficult to maintain a temperature below 100-120°C for a long time. 
  • Gas grills can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They have a special valve to prevent gas leakage. On such a grill you can not only cook food, but also heat it by placing it on a special shelf. Some models are equipped with an additional burner and a temperature indicator. The peculiarity of the gas grill is the absence of open burning, it is convenient and safe. 
  • The fuel for such grills is natural gas or propane from a separate gas cylinder. 
  • The gas grill preserves the natural flavour of the meat due to the absence of smoke. 
  • This design is easy to maintain thanks to the removable drawers and non-stick coating.

Which grill should I choose? 

Of course, there is a reason for this variety of grills. The answer to the question, which grill is better, will depend on the conditions in which you are going to cook. 

  1. Grill for of the country house. Gas, coal or wood-burning grills, mobile or stationary – the best choice for country rest. 
  2. Apartment grill. The easiest way to choose a home grill is to use it according to its size. For use in a small apartment is suitable grill-frying pan or compact electric grill. If the size of the kitchen allows, and you really like to cook, it may make sense to buy a built-in gas grill.