How to choose upholstered furniture

How to choose upholstered furniture

As a rule, cozy furniture provides us with a feeling of comfort and convenience, so very often such furniture is passed down from generation to generation. But in order to feel comfortable sitting in an armchair, it is not necessary to store old, time-tested furniture. Properly selected new upholstered furniture will give you a sense of comfort, and create comfort in your home.

In general, the degree of convenience and comfort of upholstered furniture depends on its design and ergonomic features. The main structural element of any upholstered furniture is the frame, or the supporting structure. It can be covered with upholstery, and can be partially visible (for example, armrests). Typically, the case is made of natural wood or chipboard using metal structures; very rarely plastic is used to create modern models. Directly attached to the frame are spring blocks, on which the lower upholstery is laid, which determines the form of upholstered furniture and distributes the load on the case.

Most often, even today, foam rubber is used as the bottom upholstery. The upper upholstery already gives the final shape to the future sofa or chair and is made of springy material, which should provide sufficient elasticity of the seat. When choosing upholstered furniture, it is worth paying attention to its ergonomic features, i.e. on its dimensions: they must be optimal. A wide selection of excellent home furniture can be found at

An excellent choice is furniture with an adjustable headrest in height and angle. Armchairs and sofas are most often combined into soft sets that are made in the same style, have the same design and upholstery material. Purchasing such headsets is much better, because this will allow you to withstand a single style of interior space. In order to save space occupied by upholstered furniture, manufacturers produce so-called soft corners – corner sofas.

These sofas provide a comfortable rest for a person in any position: sitting, lying or reclining. Very often, such corners have a transformation mechanism that allows you to convert them into a bed or detach the corner part, making it, for example, a table for guests. It is possible to place upholstered furniture in a room in different ways. If you want to visually reduce the size of the sofa, then you should choose a two-tone upholstery, for example, a dark seat and a light back will visually hide half of the sofa. There is also an interesting design decision that creates the impression of hovering furniture: the base of the furniture is made of metal tubes that are hidden under the seat.

Since upholstered furniture always takes up a lot of space, you should think about its location in advance. There are several ways to arrange upholstered furniture. For friendly conversations, a closed arrangement of furniture will be more suitable when the sofa and armchairs are facing each other, for example, around a table. Of course, upholstered furniture can also be arranged not according to strictly geometric figures, for example, along the diagonal of a room, at some distance from the wall. If your sofa is made with high quality and its back wall is neat, upholstered in the same fabric as the rest of its parts, then it can be used to divide the room into different spaces.

In a great way, you can save the living room space if you use corner sofas. By the way, when using corner sofas, you can do without armchairs, and to accommodate guests use padded stools that will give the room more spontaneity and a flirty charm. For a spacious living room, modular furniture will be an excellent solution, which will give free rein to your imagination in creating your own furniture masterpieces. Upholstery of upholstered furniture is not the last value.