Why do we love music?

Why do we love music?

If there were words for every emotion there would be no need for music.

Music is a language that all can understand. Whether you can speak it, read it, or just hear it. It is more transcendent than the “love” that others call the International Language. Music transcends all political boundaries, all verbal communication, caste systems, levels of intellect and education, emotions, even physical disabilities. The thump of a rhythm can be felt even by those with no hearing. Music transcends all.

The human heart beats in a rhythm. This rhythm intrinsically ties us to a pattern of repetition a beat

The subdivision of this rhythm can be as simple or as complex as we choose, but the drive toward it is visceral, primal.

The tones and patterns in nature; some beautiful, some terrifying, some altogether not worth hearing; are all present in our lives and surrounding environment. It’s the nature of humans to piece together the chaos into a viable and attainable construct. Humans express many and various emotions through guttural utterances. These expressions, when harnessed and sculpted like clay, form something more beautiful, yet still composed of the same instinctive human resonance.

Instrumentation is simply another step toward the refinement of this vital, primitive sound. To register tones that mimic nature and express emotion or reaction but are cultivated to a higher degree; further perfecting the intricacy with which we can express emotions that contain no verbal description.

In short, we’re wired that way. Music and it’s formulations occupy all the space that isn’t created by us. It touches us deeply and fundamentally in the heart, but also appeals to the mind.

A source: Quora.