To celebrate the completion of the first theme I have created from scratch for WordPress I have decided to make it available for download. The theme “XorosDark”, which you can see right now as you are reading, is for WordPress 2 and is fully Widget compatible. I plan to make a lighter version in the near future, something a little more colourful perhaps!

In building a test blog I also needed a widget for Theme Switcher by Ryan Boren and since I was unable to find one I wrote it myself. I am quietly proud of it, even though it is a very modest widget, as this is the first bit of Php coding I have ever successfully achieved. I must admit I owe a lot to the “Mywidget” example file by Kaf Oseo without which I would never have got anywhere at all. I would also very much like to recommend the King Widget series by Georg Leciejewski as a fantastic example of just how far they can be taken. Xoros is proud to be using both the King Links and King Text plugins at present.

If you would like to download either the XorosDark theme or the Themeswitcher widget you can find them on the wordpress page on the top menu or here. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

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